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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Answers for Septimus Darke Quest

1. Green
2. One
3. Lost
4. Nail
5. Ten
6. North
7. Red
8. Black Panther
9. Fourteen
10. Banana


  1. it doesnt even let you get passed 7

  2. That is because sometimes there is a glitch in the game. If you go back a few days or even a week later, then it may start working again.

  3. it doesn't even let you get passed 7 kaio is right....
    but thanks for the answers thank you very much
    add me prinese

  4. i took the quest and now i have three bookz&gamez trofys

  5. Cool, the seven 7 is fixed

    ~ Selenawooz :) cheersmadeers

  6. Wow that helped alot! :D add me: Vovtiz

  7. u dobt get anything!? rewards!? :(

  8. Turn up but u got no prize

  9. i got no prize so i wasted my time sad :(