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Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to get Beex: Woozworld 2015

Hey woozens! So, after a LONG break of playing WoozWorld, I finally decided I would come back on. And hey! Woah presto! There's a new update.

So, I've been broke and trying to figure out a way not to get WOOZ this time round, but BEEX. Can you believe it? So, a few of the ways I've worked out is:

  • Selling things: You can do this with your own store unitz or with a special game (theme game, colour game, ww next top model, etc.) Many people earn money through those games, as they have a buy to get in, buy to stay in, etc.
  • Preztige: Every time you go up a level, you get a whole lot of beex! Yay! You can level up your prestige by: (1) Voting other woozens (2) Getting voted (3) Taking photos (4) Play with a plantz (5) Pick up a collectiblz (6) Feed a WooPetz (7) Wash a WooPetz (8) Give a Treatz to a Super WooPetz (9) Pick up collectiblz with a WooPetz.
  • Voting: Every time you cast a vote, you earn (get ready) ONE BEEX! WOW! ITS AMAZING! (Yeah, I know) Voting does take energy, and you can only cast a number of votes per day.
  • Doing quests: Most of the time, quests will give you some kind of money reward (in beex) They can be a slow/quick way of earning beex, depending on if you use the answers on this website or not :D but it does earn you money a lot quicker than the other ways (if you don't have a game)
  • The Daily Spin (or whatever it's called now): This can earn you (maybe) some beex, but it varies on the day what prizes they have for you to win. Now, this system is RIGGED, so you'll probably ending up getting one wooz or something like that :( But hey! We're not moderators, right?
That's all the ways I've thought up right now! If you have any other ways that you like to earn beex, please place your ideas in the comments below, or email me at myrillamonkey@hotmail.com, and I'll give you a special shout out next to the edit on this post.

Basically, this is what I have worked out: On WoozWorld, the richer get richer, the poorer get poorer, and scammers keep scamming. So, if you wanna get rich, I propose buying some wooz and getting some nice stuff. Remember, a whole lot of stuff has become limited edition, so you never know whatever you buy may become limited edition, and increase in value. (For example, the Big Woozen Caps, which were 200 beex but are now 9999 beex. But some people are just crazy greedy, lemme just say).

If you think I'm awesome, give me a vote! My name is Buglarn, and if you message me I'll come visit you :) See ya, and have fun on Woozworld!


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